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Religious books


In the links below you can find Orthodox and religious books:

For believers, we have scanned several materials in Romanian language that are in PDF format and can be saved on personal computer by pressing the right mouse button and then selecting "save" / "save as" and selecting the local directory of the computer.


Confession guide


Carrying the Cross

Interpretation of the Holy Mass

Holy Communion


We especially recommend the website of the largest Romanian monastic settlement on the Holy Mount Athos:, where you will find a large number of spiritual books, conferences, videos, as well as a special selection of Romanian psaltic music, in its unaltered form.


Church and Psaltic Music


Putna monastery. Psalm 50

Ormylia Monastery. Psalm 1. Byzantine singing

Praises of the Resurrection. Throne Choir

Schitul Lacu. Muzica Psaltica



About Byzantine Icon


"In recent times, only beauty will save the world," said one of the great Christian writers. He is referring to a propensity for rationality that prevents us from perceiving God's Truth. Then the only chance is our natural desire for beauty, in which we find God's image as the seal of His creation.

After the great destruction that affected the true art of the first Apostles and the Holy Fathers, the Age of Renaissance brought a materialistic and naturalistic trend in religious art that deeply affected orthodox icons, and iconography began to move away from the true traditions of the Holy Fathers and Apostles.

The Byzantine icon testifies humility and depth, the spiritual reality of the Prototype. It is a religious artistic testament of the Holy Apostles and the Holy Fathers. Any other, naturalistic vision is a break with the Orthodox tradition and the discovery of a direction alien to Christianity. The Byzantine icon speaks about the deep mysteries of our souls and awakens in them a desire for a divine model.


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