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Brief history 1979-2020


Our church is the oldest Romanian church in German-speaking Switzerland and one of the oldest Romanian churches in the West.


The birth of an Orthodox church is not an act similar to the establishment of an institution or a cultural center, it is the work of the Holy Spirit in God's plan to save the world. Moreover, the specific historical conditions in which the Baden Orthodox Church was born, the distance from the birthplaces and the opposition to the communism and bolshevism, marked a willingness to sacrifice and identify with Orthodoxy, as the only authentic way of salvation to Christ. Among the nearly 200 Romanian Orthodox churches in Europe and the USA, which were born in 1948-1980 independent of the national church enslaved by atheism, the Orthodox Church in Baden prayed permanently with hot love for the salvation of all Romanians and the deliverance of the National Church from its seen and unseen enemies.


The purpose of the Orthodox Church is the salvation and sanctification of man by the indwelling of Christ in his soul. The descent of the Holy Spirit is what gives the Church a real existence, putting the beginning of Christ's abode in the faithful.


The Holy Trinity is the one that offers a perfect unity to the Orthodox Church, in all its diversity. That is why it is very important to keep the apostolic canons and the Holy Tradition. An adaptation of them to political or economic life only forces a change of Jesus Christ - God the Man - after the "ruler of this world."



Canonical dependence


The Church is canonically depend on the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Diocese of Romanian Churches in Europe, founded in 1945, as a result of the penetration of communism, atheism and Bolshevism in Romania). The Metropolitan of France had, over the years, the role and recognition of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to coordinate the Romanian parishes in Europe.


With the designation of Metropolitan Jeremiah as Metropolitan of Ankara and the whole of Turkey, the place of Metropolitan of Switzerland was granted to our current Metropolitan Maximus, based in Chambésy, Geneva.





The founders are all those who with their pray and love contribute that the Holy Liturgy can be celebrated regularly, freely and for the Glory of God. Christ Jesus, Who knows the depths of the hearts of all men, is always with them.



40 years of existence of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Baden

On the 40th anniversary, here are some of the many messages we received:


"The Church and the Romanian Community in Geneva will congratulate the 40th anniversary of the existence of the Church in Baden, we fondly remember the sacrifice of the founders and we wish much success to those who today have committed themselves to carry on this sacrifice."

Prof. Damian Ionescu, Parish Priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Geneva-Patriarchate of Constantinople.


"The Church and the Romanian Community in Paris join the joy of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Baden / Switzerland and wish you many accomplishments in the pastoral activity, of spiritual and Romanian edification, with great Blessing from God."

Archpriest Valentin Bratan, Parish Priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Paris, Patriarchate of Constantinople.


"Sincere congratulations to the Romanian Orthodox Church in Baden, Switzerland, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of authentic Eucharistic communion and dignified Orthodox testimony. and ethno-filletism).

The Roman Church in Baden promoted real canonical ecclesiological ecumenism (the universality of truth revealed through Jesus Christ, who struggled to transform man and nation into God's People), but at the same time, he respected everyone, regardless of nation and faith, but no and the heresy, apostasy, hypocrisy, and relativism of some.

I wish Father Valentine and the whole Church of Baden the strength and grace of God to go on the right Way, to hold on to the one Truth, to reach the eternal Life, that is, Christ! "

Rev. Prof. Dr. Docent Mihai VALICA / Parish Priest of the Cathedral of Vatra-Dornei, Romanian Patriarchate.




Our church has the protection of the Mother of God, of Saint Calinic from Cernica and Saint Paisios the Agiorit.


The feast is on September 8th, the Birth of the Mother of God, a holiday with an unchanging date. The choice of this date is related to the wish of the first founders, to the special protection that the Mother of God showed us for over four decades, as well as to the protection of the Mother of God over all the places where holy services are celebrated.

The feast of Saint Calinic from Cernica is celebrated on April 11th
and Saint Paisios the Agiorit on July 12th.

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