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Holy Sacraments


For questions about Holy Sacramentss (baptisms, weddings, confessions, communions), funerals or other special occasions, please contact the priest directly at 0779874164 or

The current situation


"The one who loves his enemies will soon know the Lord through the Holy Spirit, but the one who does not love them, I do not want to write, but I weep for him because he torments himself and others and does not know the Lord" St. Siluan from Holy Mountain.

If we do not feel pain during prayer, then something is wrong. It means we have to repent and correct ourselves in something. Some wrongly say that this happens because of the envy of the devil. In fact it is the Lord is saying to us, “I don’t understand the way you are addressing Me”. Prayer, just like Holy Communion - is a Sacrament. One has to prepare for it and have a clean conscience.


We should not seek pleasure in prayer, not even spiritual pleasure. Otherwise, we become like the kind of children that love their father only because he gives them caramels and chocolates. The peace of our souls is what should be sought in prayer.

The person who has real humility is the one that immediately forgets the good deeds he does, while any good done to him (even the most insignificant) he considers enormous and experiences a feeling of gratefulness for it.

St. Paisios the Hagiorite

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