Romanian Orthodox Church in Baden, Switzerland, dedicated to Our Lady and Saint Calinic of Cernica, celebrates 40th Anniversary of its existence. Our church is the oldest Romanian church in German-speaking Switzerland and one of the oldest Romanian churches in the West.

In 2007 we started to celebrate also in Zürich.

The foundation of the church was a great blessing for Romanians who, in difficult times of life outside the homeland, could baptize their children, get married and be buried according to the Orthodox tradition. But especially important for the Orthodoxes was the opportunity for the church to preserve their Orthodox values, to lead a prayer life, to participate to the Holy Liturgy.

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Turgi 16.01 -ora 9.00

Zürich 23.01 -ora 9.00

Turgi 30.01 - ora 9.00

Turgi 06.02 -ora 9.00

Zürich 13.02- ora 9.00

Zürich 20.02- ora 9.00

Zürich 26.02-ora 19.00 Priveghere de toata noaptea la Duminica Infricosetoarei Judecati

Canonical dependence


Our church has constantly had its canonical recognition by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (from which it draws its canonical legitimacy itself the autocephaly of the Romanian Orthodox Church). Also the priests of our Church had their canonical legitimacy and connection from the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

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The parish Archpriest is Valentin Bassarabescu-Puricel, with a degree in Orthodox Theology at the University of Saint-Serge / Sorbonne in Paris, a descendant of the ancient Romanian families of Bassarabescu and Boteanu.

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